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Tips for long term parking

Tips for long term parking
Tips for long-term parking

How to maintain your car when parked for a long time

Under the prevailing circumstances, the Middle East, like all other regions in the world, is subject to government restrictions on the movement of people, and your car will likely remain parked for some time, which may lead to some problems. Some components of the car need care during this period, and neglecting them will lead to damage due to lack of use and the car will become underivable.

Here are tips for parking your car for a long period of time to keep it in good condition until movement restrictions are lifted.

Disconnect the battery by removing the electrical cables from each battery pole. I recommend it to remove the negative cable first (there is a negative sign "-" next to it) using the appropriate wrench, and then follow the same steps for the positive cable, making sure that the two cables do not touch each other. Even if the car is completely stationary and not running, some electrical parts in your car continue to draw power from the battery, such as a watch or car computer. Although the amount of energy is small, it can, over a long period of time, completely drain the battery. And the result? You won't be able to start your car at all, which is annoying of course. The battery may not respond to recharging at all and you will have to replace it.

Check for flat spots on the tires. Even high-quality tires can be susceptible to flat spots if they remain under the weight of a parked vehicle for a week or more, and these spots on the tire can turn into a permanent defect. You can check the tires very simply, by moving your car slightly forward or backward to examine the area in contact with the ground. If it looks a little flat compared to the rest of the tire or if any scratches appear on it, this means there is a flat spot, which affects the control of the car and the feeling of vibrations in the steering wheel. If you can move your wheels (as we suggested above) twice a week, this will undoubtedly prevent flat spots from forming.

Keep the car clean. Keeping a parked car clean for a long period of time is taken for granted all over the world. Here in the Middle East, car cleanliness is an essential issue. If dust or fine grains of sand accumulate on the car’s exterior, this will lead to scratches in the paint when cleaning it. Note that the car’s interior is more vulnerable to these risks, as the leather and composite materials found in most cars are not resistant to dust and will be damaged thus reducing.The value of your vehicle or incur avoidable costs to repair or replace damaged items. The engine compartment is not an exception to this, as it is also vulnerable to these risks, and to the reduced life expectancy of each part in the engine due to its exposure to damage. Make sure to clean your car completely, inside and out, once a week, even if it looks clean.

Make sure to change the engine oil. If engine oil remains uncirculated, loses its fluidity, and is not exposed to different temperatures, it becomes thick and sticky, which means it is difficult or impossible to start your car. Of course, we realize that it is difficult to change the oil yourself, so we advise you to call for assistance, or if possible, drive your car to the nearest oil change station.

Keep the tank full of fuel. This may seem strange since you won't be using your car. But keeping the fuel tank full prevents it from rusting. Depending on how long your car has been parked, we also suggest contacting the gas station and asking about fuel stabilizers, as they help preserve gasoline or diesel. You can read the instructions for use on the stabilizer packaging.

Use a car cover. Although the cover is not mandatory, it does provide some protection, especially if I parked the car for a long time outside. Although the cover does not prevent stubborn Middle Eastern dust from accumulating on the car and seeping into it, it does protect it from weather factors. If you do not have a car cover, contact an auto accessory store or your car dealer to order the original accessories.

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