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7 tips How to maintain the new car engine for as long as possible

7 tips How to maintain the new car engine for as long as possible

How do I maintain the car engine, one of the most searched terms on the Google search engine, as many car drivers do not know how to maintain the car engine so that it lives with them for as long as possible?

?How do I maintain a new car engine

The engine is one of the most important mechanical parts in a car, as it is its beating heart.

If it exposed the engine to any malfunction, the car may stop completely, and therefore the engine requires special care than the rest of the car’s parts. Here are some tips for maintaining it.

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24 tips that answer the question: How do I maintain a new car’s engine, which are as follows:

؟How do I maintain a new car engine

Check tire pressure
The car owner must check the tire pressure level. If the tire pressure is lower than the recommended level, this increases the load on the engine and increases fuel consumption.

Use aerosol cleaning fluid
Injector cleaning fluid contributes to increasing the efficiency and power of the engine, as it cleans the injection parts and reduces fuel consumption.

؟How do I maintain a new car engine

Ensure there are no leaks in the engine

When a car driver notices any leakage around the engine or the appearance of oil spots where the car is parked, he must go for maintenance. As pressure and temperatures increase, some pipes and hoses inside the engine compartment can be damaged, so someone must change periodically them.

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