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How to wash cars at home

 How to wash cars at home

What worries car owners the most is going periodically to car wash stations in any other emirate in order to clean their vehicles, so they resort to washing cars at home to maintain the appearance of the car and protect it from corrosion in the long run. Despite the many car wash companies at home, washing them Sometimes done incorrectly can scratch the glass or paint, in addition to leaving water spots scattered everywhere, which makes washing the car at home personally a safe method. In this article, we will highlight car washing at home and the steps and tools you need.

Car washing tools at home

Choosing poor cleaning materials harms vehicles

Before discussing how to wash cars at home, it is necessary to know the requirements for washing cars at home, which include the following:

Soap and water

Car wash liquid

Car glass cleaning solution

Large bowls for soap and water, cleaning car bodywork, cleaning tires and floor mats

Large sponge

A stiff cleaning brush for scrubbing wheels and floor mats

Soft cloth or towels to dry the car after I finished you

Clothes suitable for washing a car at home, such as shorts, rubber shoes, and gloves

Steps to wash a car at home

There are some preliminary steps that must be taken before starting to wash cars at home, the most prominent of which are the following:

Avoid washing the car under direct sunlight, as high temperatures cause water to quickly evaporate from its surface during washing, which may cause spots to form on its paint and make cleaning it more difficult.

Close all car windows to prevent water from entering the interior during washing

Pull the wipers until they reach their correct position away from the glass

Ensure all car wash products are prepared

After performing the initial steps, washing the interior of the car will begin and then washing it from the outside, as shown below:

Car wash from inside

Removing dirt thrown inside the car, especially under the seats, such as food residue, coffee and juice cups, etc

Remove the seats and floors and clean them using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust and dirt stuck in them

Scrub the seats with soap and water when needed and leave them to dry in the open air before putting them back in place

Wipe dirt and dust from the interior surfaces of the car using a clean, damp cloth

Clean the cup holder using a cotton swab saturated with cleaning solution to remove any debris in it

Spray the glass with a window cleaning solution and wipe it with a paper towel or soft cloth. You can also use a natural cleaning solution consisting of half a cup of white vinegar, half a cup of alcohol, and a cup of water to perform the same purpose.

Clean tight spaces and small corners inside the car using a piece of cloth or an air blaster

Use a mixture of baking soda with any essential oil, then put it inside a plastic bag to absorb any odors stuck in the car, or they can spray it on the car floor.

Car wash from outside

Fill the container with water, then add car cleaning fluid to it. You must pay attention to the quality of the solution because there are poor quality types that damage the vehicle’s paint

Dip the sponge into the bowl and leave it until it absorbs enough water and cleaning solution

Scrub the top of the car with the sponge, then rinse it with clean water

Wipe the car roof using a soft, clean cloth

Wash the sides, front, and back of the car in the same way, then dry them

Clean metal tires and wheels with a stiff brush dipped in a solution of soap and water, then rinse them with water

Dry the car after washing it with a clean towel

Tips when washing cars at home

We must rationalize water consumption while washing the car

Here are some tips to follow when washing a car at home:

Avoid using a rough sponge, as this can cause light scratches

If the sponge falls on the ground, I must wash it with clean water, as it may collect plankton that may scratch the car’s paint.

Avoid using a hose or car wash machine, as the car wash pump works by pumping water at high pressure, which causes a large waste of water.

Wash and dry each part of the car individually before moving on to the other, as this prevents the soap from drying out and stains forming

Avoid using dishwashing liquid to clean the car; Because it contains chemicals that can cause paint to be removed

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